Translation Courses Online Free For Successful Career

To become a professional translator one not only should master at least two languages but also have a wide skillset and knowledge in many domains, which is why taking translation courses online free of charge can be a great learning opportunity for bilinguals, translation students, language professionals within related fields. Moreover, it is the most convenient way to study that is easily combined with work, college, maternity leave, or summer holidays. Such advantages make translators courses among the top trends in education for this profession.

Is College the Only Option?

College gives profound knowledge and helps become proficient in their second language and translation skills. However, it also is one of the longest ways for reach one’s goal to become a translator. For people who already have some experience with translation, bilinguals, or graduates in similar fields like foreign linguistics full academic college program may not be needed. Besides, getting full & formal education might also be rather expensive. Another argument in favor of translation courses online is that they are much more flexible than college education in many respects. You should not travel to specific place or follow schedule. 

By learning online, you stay within cozy home atmosphere or study at a comfortable pace. Like college, you may choose an online course with a mentor, who will oversee one’s progress, give feedback on the homework completed. But what is most important, many online courses for translators and interpreters are provided by universities, which means that you can get quality training offered by renowned institutions, but in a flexible as well as affordable form. It may be an ideal option for those who dream about become professional translators while maintaining work-life balance and studying at their own pace.

Translation Degree & It’s Importance

Labor market in the internet era has changed drastically. Previously knowledge was considered one of the greatest assets since its access was limited and its body would be accumulated by academia at universities and research centers. Nowadays anyone can find necessary literature or retrieve needed information with a help of a 3-second search in Google. Translation as an industry has witnessed drastic advances too. Previously some knowledge could only be taught at classes and some specific contextual translations discovered from limited specialized dictionaries or hands-on experience with native speakers. Now one can easily find answers in web dictionary, translators course, forum, or an online community. 

All these changes towards the accessibility of information by any person shift emphasis from formal education, theory, knowledge to practice, skill, flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness, readiness to learn, entrepreneurial and interpersonal potential. Education does truly matter in government service, or academic career, while private businesses mostly prefer skilled, flexible, along with experienced employees. Especially in translation industry, degree is important only within some specific contexts while most of the time, professional would be judged by the clients’ reviews, ability to comply with deadlines, as well as good testimonials. Thus, taking translation course online is a practical solution that helps save time, money, and effort on your way to the desired occupation.

Benefits of Taking Translating Course Online

There are many considerable benefits of studying with the help of online translator courses. Probably the first of them is absence of any formal prerequisites. If you feel ready and confident you can take on right now. Some other advantages are:


Learning online does not presuppose any specific setting – you could learn at home, in library, café, or whatever other place you feel comfortable. Since there are no classes and specific hours, one may learn at their own pace or take breaks during the process as many times as needed to stay focused.


Some are free, others offer to learn for free but a paid certificate, and there are fully paid courses. A simple search result will for sure show paid options first, but with a little effort, it is possible to find free online translation courses offered by universities internationally. Price range in the sector is extremely wide, so one for sure will be able to choose suitable option. 


Some programs are time restricted and are scheduled for several months or weeks, others are unlimited in duration so that one would be able to spend as much time studying as needed. Many would find the first option motivating to learn fast, while for others the second would be more suitable to be combined with other life activities.


Different online study programs offer various levels of proficiency. It means that newcomers in the field can start with basic program, then take some more advanced ones. Similarly, for those who already have knowledge & experience, there are programs designed to fill gaps and master skills. 

Specialization options

Most colleges for bachelor’s degree offer general translation programs. With a specialized translation course in specific language pair, one would not study a little bit of everything, but to focus on specific areas of interest such as medical, or legal translation. It not only saves time but also helps to gain deep knowledge in the needed field.


With ability to manage time and different pricing options comes independence in choosing what to learn. If you are starting translation course online in order to gain knowledge rather than to receive a certificate, it is possible to focus on some topics that one finds more important or skip others if necessary.

Variety of forms

Individual learning preferences may be taken into account while choosing a translation course on the web. If you need constant feedback and review of your progress, you can choose any program with mentor, who’ll guide you. 

Massive Open Online Courses & How They Work

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free courses online for anyone who would like to learn. They do not require any prerequisites and so any person with a computer and Internet could register, choose a program  and start learning. Many MOOCs are designed to increase education quality and help people learn some subjects better and so many of them are functioning with the help of donations.

For example, Khan Academy, a big MOOC for learning mostly STEM subjects, support their project either with donations, translations of the courses into other languages, or with creating one’s own course that may be published on their website,  are available for studying for free by anyone. MOOCs also serve as a hobby since one’s learning progress is driven purely by one’s own motivation.

Top 5 Platforms that Offer Online Learning

Learning online has caught on extremely in recent years. There are dozens of online platforms that organize a huge number of learning programs in a wide range of topics. Here are some of the most popular websites that provide quality education while staying home:

1. Coursera

It is probably one of the most well-known educational websites. It offers courses in an unimaginable number of subjects from engineering to language learning. Many are available for free. In some, it is possible to study for free but to pay for certificate that can be posted on LinkedIn.

2. Udemy

This platform offers programs designed by individuals or organizations that teach anything from art to AI technologies. Most courses on the website are paid and the price range starts at about $10. Among others, there are freelance translators courses and learning programs on how to earn online.

3. FutureLearn

The major emphasis on this online educational platform is put on arts and humanities, while the STEM subjects are also there. Most are timed and designed for several weeks. Students communicate in comments with peers and mentors.

4. Udacity

The subjects offered at Udacity are mostly concerned with programming. The platform offers courses in the majority of currently used programming languages and technologies driven by them, like machine learning or robotics.

5. edX

Like other platforms, it has many courses across a range of subjects. Their peculiar feature is MicroBachelors and MicroMasters that serve either as preparation for a job or for getting a full degree in the future.

Best Options for Translation Courses Online

With such a great variety of educational programs available on the web, it is hard searching at the right place since quality of materials and structure of the course differ. But hopefully, while interpreter course online free may scarcely be found, as it often presupposes face-to-face communication with a mentor, there are vast options in translation field.

New York University Certificate in translation

Duration: 3 years
Languages: English to Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and General translation,
This is a profound online certificate program that includes several translation training courses organized in units. An advantage of this program is the interaction with the real professional mentors.

Localization Essentials

Price: free
Duration: 2 weeks
This is a course by Google that explores art of localization and its various aspects. There are no specific prerequisites for this program and it is suitable for beginners.

University of Arizona Online Translation Certificate

Languages: English- Spanish
For those who are interested in legal, medical, or business translation online courses, Arizona University Online helps not only to build a strong knowledge base and skill but also to get a certificate.

Translation in Practice

Price: US 29$/free
Languages: English-Chinese
It is a brilliant course for beginners in translation industry. Apart from the strong theoretical base that includes the major techniques of English-Chinese translation, course also involves many practical tasks.

Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students

Price: free
Duration: 4 weeks
The course was prepared by the University of Pittsburgh with the main goal to teach the essential medical terminology for professionals in the language industry. In the field of healthcare and medical science, it is one of the best online translation courses offered by universities available on the web. Course is rather flexible and completed in approximately 62 hours.

You’ve Got This

Truly, there are hundreds of translation courses online. but choosing the one that suits you is not always easy. You should try a few of them before making final decision. Do not be scared while asking help from experienced translators or interpreters and move forward towards your dream.

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