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I like working with your company, you never let me down even once so far. At first I kept ordering the same task in two companies to compare but yours is always better, so I come back. Thanks for awesomeness.

High school counselor

Good job! I am writing this with Google Translate because my English is bad. Your people worked through my text and validated it, so my college accepted my documents. Keep it up! Until next time with more orders from me!

John Thompson
Recreational vehicle service technician

Fast and reliable service provider. Translators are certified and can send you a digital copy of their certificate at your request if you place it. Prices are cheaper than in all other decent agencies, so you’re my choice in anything translation-like.

Bryan Norton

The Best Certified Translation Services Online: Quality Guaranteed

People look for certified translation services for different reasons. Some of them are students who plan on entering a foreign university, and for that, they need to submit academic records from their previous institutions. Others are travelers who keep jumping from one border to another, needing vaccination and other medical documents translated. Someone might be marrying a foreigner or launching a complaint about an international company — in all these cases, simple translation won’t work. You’d need certified experts who are native speakers of your target language and whose qualifications are confirmed by credible government bodies.

An experienced agency TranslateHub offers just that. We have certified translators who specialize in a variety of common industries and who hold internationally recognizable certificates. If you need help, we are always there to give you a hand. But first, let’s figure out what exactly you need.

Documents That Usually Require Certified Translation

There are many types of files that people could translate in the usual way. These are books, personal letters, interesting articles, and other things. But some documents are trickier. You could only get certified language translation services for them if you want them to be accepted on an official level. Here are some examples. Look at them and consider whether these are the categories your documents fall under.

  • Legal. These are court documents and transcriptions, apostilles, consent forms, criminal background checks, and many others.
  • Personal life. Marriage, divorce, or death certificates need official translation. Adoption papers require it, too, especially if you’re adopting your child from another country. You’ll have to fill in many documents. Academic records for students and personal paperwork for those who want to find employment abroad also fall into this sector.
  • Immigration and Travel. Any document related to your temporary or permanent move into another country requires help from a certified translation agency. A lot of paperwork in this category might be the same as in the previous one, but it also includes VISA applications and permanent resident permission. Also, we suggest finding out what specific documents a country you’re planning to visit demands — do it beforehand to avoid getting into uncomfortable situations.
  • Business. When signing a contract with someone, you will definitely need the best certified translation company present. Accounting reports, checks, official guides or manuals might also require it, so keep this in mind.
  • Medical. Patient records, information about immunization and especially vaccination are vital these days. You won’t be able to make any dealings with other countries physically unless you prove you’re healthy, and that can only be done with the help of professional certified translators.

Why People Need Certified Translator Online and Why No One Else Would Do

Technically, any person could provide translation and localization services, but many government establishments insist on the involvement of certified specialists in particular. That’s because having a person who has verified experience and proven level of expertise makes the whole process more credible. You have to understand that certified help costs more than standard translation, but not by much. If you want a guarantee that everything is formalized in a correct way, these experts should be your top choice.

Types of Certificates Verified Translators Can Hold

Most certified translations services tend to hire people with different relevant certificates. Some relate to a specific industry or sphere; others work only on the territory of specific countries. This process allows companies to meet diverse quality requirements and regional standards. Here are the most common documents a good translator can possess.

  • American Translators Association (ATA). From all companies, this one is extremely popular. It gives memberships to people no matter where they live if they succeed in proving their translating or interpreting skills. Experience and relevant education are a must here for a person to qualify, so if your translator is ATA-certified, you can rest assured that they’ll provide you with the best human translation services possible.
  • Arab Professional Translator Society (APTS). APTS is located in Lebanon, and like it’s obvious from its name, it connects Arabic translating experts with their clients. Translators need to have at least four years of experience in a translation sphere, in addition to Bachelor or Master’s degree, which makes their professional certified translation services trustworthy.
  • National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT). This organization looks for professional judiciary experts who have great translating and interpreting skills. It supervises processes like work permit approval and makes certain that people who work online have real knowledge to offer.
  • Irish Translators and Interpreters Association (ITIA). If you’re interested in an online certified translation company that works with Irish languages, you might prefer your translator to have an ITIA certificate. Five years of professional experience is a minimum requirement for membership.
  • Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDU). This is a German entity that mostly approves of experts who specialize in industrial trade, but it works with several other directions as well. People who cooperate with one of European organizations tend to look for translators with a BDU certificate.

TranslateHub website provides certified document translation services with the help of experts who hold many of the certifications we described. We keep close cooperation with them, and this helps us stay on the top in this market.

Machines vs. Humans: Who Is More Cost Efficient?

It’s clear without saying that visiting a website with free machine translation can save you a lot of money. It’s completely free, and the results come instantly. Some people try to choose a middle ground, so instead of resorting to this way of assistance, they hire special companies for cheap certified translation. Some of them provide both options: first, they translate your content via machines; then their editors look through it and make their corrections. Such documents are still raw and rough, but they look better than what Google translate could give you. But in the end, is it worth it?

This depends on what you need. If you’re translating a song for yourself or your poem for a friend, then sure, machine translation could be enough. But when it comes to certified language translation, you’ll pay less by hiring real experts from the start. Imagine that you’re planning on submitting your documents to immigration center: you pay for application, for notary, and other fees. If you save up on translation and your application is rejected, you’ll have to start everything from the beginning. This way, you’ll pay much more than you would have otherwise. So if your project is important and you need help from truly qualified experts, consult professional companies and ask them for human services.

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Accuracy Is Our Answer or Why Our Certified Translation Service Is the Best

For offering high-quality services to our clients, we monitor the performance of our translators with all the vigilance. Nothing slips past our control, and our quality mechanism has several important stages. The first one starts with the hiring procedure. We headhunt people who maintain close cooperation with the certified agencies we’ve listed — we examine their experience personally and check their skills by offering them sample tasks. Only those who show themselves from the best and most accurate side make it to our company.

When they start their work, we monitor their translations, time management, and the way they communicate with clients. Our editors also play a role in our online certified translation services provision. They analyze each translation and offer their improvements, teaching translators how to work in an even more effective manner. These joint efforts elevate our quality and help us preserve our spot at the top of the translating market.

Choose Quality and Get the Best Results

If you are thinking of starting contact with another country, you might need professional help. Finding cheap certified translation services that would also offer great quality is possible, and that’s what TranslateHub can do for you. Get in touch with our managers and describe what service you need. If you aren’t certain, we’ll be glad to help you figure it out. Place your order and enjoy peace from the knowledge that your translation is in safe hands!

Certification of Translation Accuracy

Here is a sample of the certificate every client receives when ordering a certified translation service at TranslateHub. We provide it to certify that your document was translated by an experienced, competent, and qualified translator, fluent in a specific language pair, and that, in our judgment, the provided translation truly reflects the content, meaning, and style of the original document.



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