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This isn’t the first time I work with you, but it’s my first review. Thanks for your hard work, I know I can be demanding and tiresome, but you are never anything but cordial. I look forward to future cooperation and discounts!


Oh wow, you guys turned my game into something that even I fell in love with! I wasn’t happy about what I did, to be honest, something felt wrong, but now that I see it translated, it’s a new experience!


Professional and quick, just like I wanted. I want to thank your team for helping me get my business site together and convert it into three other languages. I’d have never done it without you.


Get Professional Localization Services & Connect with Clients on a New Level

More and more people need professional localization services these days. An interesting thing is, some of them have no idea that they want localization in particular, and that’s because they don’t understand its definition. Sure, it involves translating, but it’s working on a whole other level. In some ways, localization is art because it takes care of cultural and societal implications, too, helping you better connect with your audience. If you have an app with specific terminology, an article full of jokes and dry sarcasm, a video game with quirky language, etc., TranslateHub would be happy to give you a hand. We’ve been assisting our international customers for years, and our team follows all global quality criteria.

Who Needs Professional Localization Services and Why?

Like we already mentioned, the circle of people who needs localization is vast. It can be every person with a project that has a unique tone or wording that they want to preserve. But why do they seek help, what’s their angle? For the most part, it’s a hope to move to an international market. A writer who wrote a book in Polish dreams about sharing it with American readers. App developer from the UAE hopes to pass their creation to other countries and watch how it becomes global. Even if you have a small online shop, you’ll benefit from translating it for your foreign customers because it could bring you more visitors, more popularity, and higher income.

Translation and Localization Services: What’s the Difference?

Some people hope for professional translation services while others could benefit from localization. But what is the difference between them? Here are the details you need to know. Translation is generally a basic process of text adaptation from one language into another. It has to be grammatically accurate and it must convey your initial meaning. It can be extremely helpful, but only in case, your content is straightforward. If it has unique subtext, double meanings, jokes, irony, heavy terminology, or other implications, you won’t find simple translation effective. In these instances, localization is the best answer.

Language localization services happen not on a textual, but on a cultural level too. Localizers are people who understand the mindset of the target audience — they know how to transform text in a way that will impress foreigners as much as it did the original population. Unlike it is in translation, some sentences might not resemble what you wrote in terms of structure or even content, but their meaning and effect will be the same. For example, your document tells a funny joke about what misfortunes could befall a person if a black cat crosses their path. But in a country you plan on conquering, black cats are a sign of good luck. These people won’t understand what’s funny and they will only feel confused. It’s the job of a localizer to transform this joke and use a local attribute of misfortune. So, what you intended is going to come across well, but the way it happens might differ from the original. General translators wouldn’t think of nuances like this: they would simply translate the text as they see it. Consider this carefully before deciding which service you need.

How Our Localization Company Handles Tasks

Most companies have a specific process of localization, and our service is not an exception. We follow three major steps, dividing each one into smaller nuances. Let’s focus on the basics — as a potential client, you should be aware of them.

After you place an order, our managers and localizers start their mutual cooperation. We might contact you with additional questions or clarifications. Each localization service provider involved in a project studies it closely and launches market analysis. Terms, specialization, and terminology are double-checked to make sure that no misunderstandings occur. The second stage is the actual localization process. We translate your text and edit it. Testing comes last. We forward the finished product to our special employees from a target country and they study it closely. If they greenlight it, we send it to you.

Our special services :

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    Application Localization

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    Video Game Localization

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    Software Localization

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    Website Localization

What Do You Mean by Localization Testing?

Since we provide a professional localization service, one of the stages in our work is testing. It comes last, so you might be curious about what it involves. Here are all relevant steps.

  1. We select a trustworthy person who speaks your target language. So, if you ask for localization into Chinese, we’ll find a Chinese man or woman who will look at our work from the perspective of a potential customer.
  2. This person writes a report about any mistakes they find. This could be grammar, context, stylistic issues, or anything else.
  3. We accept the report and analyze it. People responsible for content localization services correct the flaws and make everything perfect.
  4. You receive an accurate localization that your target customers will definitely appreciate.

Four Major Spheres Where You Might Need Localization

Technically, every person might need professional localization no matter what sphere they are working in. But to enhance our productivity, we research various market trends. Based on our findings, there are four main sectors that require localization translation services most often.

  • Video games. Video games industry makes billions because people in every country are passionate about finding distractions. There are multiple indie developers, and they often require localization that would preserve the uniqueness of their characters and plots.
  • Apps. Even students develop apps these days. For sharing it beyond the borders of your country, you’ll need an online localization service.
  • Website. If someone is selling something or simply wants to show their content to others, they usually make a website. Localizing it could help expand your reach.
  • Software. Creating programs for people could be pleasing on financial and personal levels. Hire our agency, and we’ll quickly prepare your product for more global consumption.

Our Translators and How We Come to Hire Them

Our localization translation service works with 50+ languages, and we are carefully considering expanding, especially since the range of our customers keeps growing. The reason for it is our attention to people we hire. They are not just any random graduates — all have undergone complex testing and proved their skills by sharing their work history or providing certifications. It means that we cooperate with multiple certified translators whose professionalism was acknowledged on a government level. They are native speakers, and they work only with their own languages: this helps us give you top quality.

Every Service for Our Clients

Do you need quality localization services or app translation? Maybe you’re interested in audio or video transcription? Our agency covers them all. We work hard to meet your needs, so we support various services and formats — they range from Java to Flash programs. If you aren’t certain we provide a specific option, contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Get Connected to Multiple Nations

If you need help with getting your project across your country’s borders, TranslateHub is your best option. Our localization service has been tested by numerous clients, and we have high success rates. We cover many languages and cooperate with the best experts, so drop us a line and clarify your requirements. Helping you is our honor — we’ll do it in a way that both you and your audience will love!


What is the difference between translation and localization?
Translation is a general adaptation of text into another language. Localization means work with subtler nuances like the culture of the target audience, tone, context, and mood.
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