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General Questions

What Types of Translations Do You Cover?
What Languages Can Customers Choose Between?
Can You Provide Certified Translations?
Why is it Wise to Use a Professional Translation Service?
Are All Your Translators Accredited?
What Industries Do You Offer Translation in?
What if My Language is Not on Your List?

Questions to Ask Before Order Placement

When Do You Start Working on my Project?
Why Didn’t my Translator Start Working on my Project?
How Long Will It Take to Finish My Project?
Who Are Your Translators?
Who Has Access to My Documents?
How do I Leave Special Instructions?
Will You Format My Document Properly?
Would You Translate Only One Part of a Document?
Do You Have Customer Support?

Quality-Related Questions

Can You Guarantee Quality Work?
How Do You Assure Maximum Quality?
How Can I Help You Deliver a Great Translation?
What If I’m Not Happy With the Translation?
How Do You Become a Translator?


Where and How Can I Apply For a Translator Position at TranslateHub?
How Good Are Your Pay Rates?
Where Are Your Translators Situated?

Rates and Payments

How Much Does a Translation Cost?
How Do You Manage to Charge Significantly Less Than Your Competitors?
How Do I Pay for my Translation?
Do You Guarantee Financial Data Protection?

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