In the following document, we’ll use a variety of different terms. To ensure that you understand everything, we’re going to briefly define them all, so be sure you take a look or go back to this list if you come across something you struggle with comprehending.
Company: This is TranslateHub, an entity that offers Services to you as a Client.
Client: A person or a group hiring Services from TranslateHub.
Contract: An official document that binds the Client and the Company and explains clearly what kind of services should be provided, how much they are going to cost, and what Terms and Conditions regulate this process.
Services: A range of translation, editing, proofreading, localization, transcription, and other options a Client could order from Independent Contractors working for the Company.
Independent Contractor: This is an individual, an organization, or a business entity who provides translation and other similar services to the Clients that hire TranslateHub. The Company is responsible for directing them and monitoring their work progress.
Project: This is the order a Client has placed, the specifics of which are outlined in the Contract.
Completed Project: This defines a set of files, documents, images, and other components that Independent Contractors worked on and that are ready to be submitted to a Client.
Fees: These are the costs that the Client has agreed to pay the Company for its services. Note that the fees can change depending on the type and deadline of a project. They will be outlined in a unique Contract that is generated for each customer.
Website: This word describes TranslateHub along with all information it provides.
Source Materials: These are the files the Client sends to the Company for the purpose of translation or other Services.

Accepting Terms and Conditions

TranslateHub, including all of its employees, management, and contractors, does not have to witness verbal or written acceptance of Terms and Conditions by the Client. If someone visits our website and uses it for personal or business purposes, it is automatically considered that they have studied and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. People or companies that did not read them are welcome to either do that or cease using our platform.

General Information

The goal of TranslateHub is to connect clients with professional translators. Anyone who is ordering our services or gathering information for any purpose is encouraged to read this specific page from start to finish and visit it occasionally for catching any updates. The fact that a Client might fail to study all information does not remove any responsibility from them. Once again, when using our services, it is automatically assumed that you’re familiar with our Terms and Conditions and know what you can expect or request.

Your Obligations as a Client

As a visitor of our website, you agree with the Terms and Conditions we outline on this page. You acknowledge that this is the primary document regulating your experience at TranslateHub as a Client.
The Client gives the Company the following guarantees:
· They are the rightful owner of all the documents, files, and other materials they provide to the Company for translation, localization, or any other service. They confirm that any intellectual property they submit as a part of their order belongs to them.
· They will not endanger the Company by sending broken files, malware, and any other things that could harm the Company’s operations. They also guarantee that they will never utilize the Website or any other means of communication with operators, translators, and managers in order to hinder their work and usability as well as compromise the safety of our files & networks.
· They agree to follow all requirements stipulated in Terms and Conditions.
The Client does not hold the Company accountable for any losses, legal expenses, or other liabilities if the Client himself/herself broke the agreement and failed to understand or follow the conditions we outlined in this document.

Ordering Our Services

Clients who order any kind of services from a Company and share their documents with it for this purpose agree to adhere to such Terms and Conditions:
· No Contract officially exists until the Company receives all details about the Client’s Project. It starts being in effect only after the Client pays the outlined price and agrees to follow our Terms and Conditions.
· The Company has every right to reject any order the Client has submitted or withhold any service requested without the fear of legal or other repercussions. The Company is not obligated to share its reasoning, but in the majority of cases, the refusal is connected to the fact that the provided materials are illegal, insensitive to other people based on gender, race, sexuality, or religion, or for any other reason.

The Matter of Illegality

We do not work with textual, video, audio, or other files that depict illegal activities. Please be aware that in the case we notice something untoward that goes against the common law, we will be legally obligated to pass these materials to law enforcement agencies without any warning or further communication on the matter.

How the Company Provides Its Services

The Company will start working on service provision after the Client pays the fees and shares all the essential materials. It will follow the requirements stipulated within the Contract, and all the work will be done in accordance with the best standards of quality.
Client is obligated to answer relevant questions about their order in time if they want their project to be completed by their deadline. They must share the materials the Company requests if any. Everything they state must be an accurate and genuine reflection of their demands.
After the Project is accepted, the Company reserves the right to contact the Client and suggest any changes if it feels they are prudent. A Client has the right to accept or reject this offer. In the case of the former, the additional payment might be discussed. In the case of the latter, if the Company feels like it cannot work on the order with no changes applied, it will provide a refund.
The price of translation majorly depends on the word count. Every word has a set cost that the Client can review beforehand. Any exceptions will be discussed in written form.
To serve clients with different needs and resources, the Company uses a layered system. It means that we offer several options and the Client can select whichever level of quality they prefer. The Company also takes responsibility for choosing the most fitting Independent Contractor and informing them about the details of the project. Note that the Company or its contractors are not obligated to check the accuracy of a Client’s instructions to make certain that they ordered what they meant to order.
If during the process of work the word count increases because of the language or stylistic differences or if any new aspects that the Client did not warn us about come to light, the Company is not obligated to follow the initial requirements. It will inform the Client and discuss the matters of changed price or deadline with them. If a Client does not find the new terms acceptable, they have a right to ask for their money back.
Because of unexpected events, scheduling issues, or other problems related to the human factor, some order forms might not be considered on Sunday. If this happens to you, please wait until Monday, and we will contact you as early as possible regarding your request.
The Company, as well as its Independent Contractor, are not responsible for mistakes in the original document the Client submitted for translation. They will not proofread, edit, or fact-check it to make certain that the information there is accurate. This is a Client’s task.
The Company will send all the translated materials to the Client after translators finish their work and the Client pays all fees they had to in accordance with the Contract.
Client will get their translation through communication channels they discussed with a Company and/or which are outlined in the Contract. The Company is going to do everything in its power to deliver the Client’s project in a timely manner. At the same time, the Company is not liable for any delay that might occur.

Payments & Fees

The Client has to pay the complete sum for the services of a Company before it starts its work unless another agreement was made between these parties. These details will be pointed out in the Contract.
Any deductions, taxes, and other additional expenses are a part of the Client’s responsibility.
If a Client makes a deposit, they can pay an official third-party payment organization via their card. This amount will be deducted from the final fee.
The Client cannot refuse making a payment for their project regardless of the reason.

Placing Revisions

The goal of TranslateHub.com employees is to provide the Client with accurate translations and deliver them by the Client’s deadline.
We provide human translations that are later checked by our Quality Assurance Specialist. Because of this, we have a very high satisfaction rate among our clients.
However, sometimes some issues might be detected that warrant a revision request.
The Client who ordered a Basic package of service has 14 calendar days to ask for revision. If the Client ordered more than 10K words or paid for Professional & Premium packages, they have 30 days to review everything.

How to Place Your Revision Request

1. Client can ask for revision by contacting us via support@translatehub.com or through their personal account. This should be done no later than the term outlined for revision requests above.
2. If a Client makes a phone call and demands a revision, they will still be asked to repeat this request in a written form.
3. A Client must provide a file where they point out mistakes or issues they want corrected.

When Revision Stops Being Revision and Turns into a New Project

1. If Client provides new instructions or files in their revision request, this will be classified as a new order.
2. In case these new instructions are superficial, the Client should discuss the issue with our Customer Support Team. It might be possible to classify such an order as proofreading.
Like we established above, TranslateHub strives to do everything to provide the best kind of service to its clients. If our translators made any mistakes, we will not charge you anything for placing a revision request. If you introduce new demands, we will discuss a new price.

Refund Policy

In case a Client is not satisfied with the quality of services they received, they can ask for a refund. Customers who ordered a Basic package can do that within 14 calendar days. In case their order has more than 10K words, or they purchased Professional or Premium packages, this can be done within 30 days.
If this time passes and the Client does not ask for refund, the Company automatically considers their project approved. Translators receive their money and no further requests will be accepted.
Some other arrangements can be made: they will be outlined in the Contract.
For submitting your refund demand, contact us via support@translatehub.com or through your personal account. Include the following aspects: into your message:
1. Order number.
2. Your comments on the quality of translation and outlined mistakes you have found.
Client also has to illustrate that they discussed their requirements in full with their translator and that the translator ignored them.
Our Quality Assurance Team is going to review every refund request placed by a Client, and they will issue their decision on the basis of the provided information. Client can expect the answer within 5 business days after submitting their detailed complaint.
If the Customer asks for their money back and TranslateHub acknowledges their request as a valid, a complete or partial refund will be issued. Note that this amount will not include taxes or other deductions.
The Company only provides refunds to the accounts from which a Client placed their order. No other account will be considered.
In case of receiving a refund, a Client guarantees that they will not use any part of the translation prepared by TranslateHub.

Nuances of Intellectual Property

The Company fully acknowledges that the files, video documents, audio recordings, images, and anything else the Client provides are the intellectual property of this Client. The Client has complete ownership of the sources they shared, and they also own the translation the Company does for them. No employee of TranslateHub is going to abuse Client’s ownership rights and misuse their data.
In turn, the intellectual property of the Company entails different methodologies it uses in the process of translation, sources, and vocabularies, as well as knowledge itself.

Copyright Infringement

By placing an order, the Client guarantees that they hold all the rights to their original file. If during the process of translation the Company discovers that the Client misled it and is abusing someone else’s property rights, it will terminate the relationship and strive to inform the original owner about the incident.

Confidentiality and Our Policies

Both parties, namely, the Client and the Company, mutually agree that they will not disclose any private or sensitive information they exchange during their work to any third parties. This concerns the sending of files, messages, and data that was sent by accident (such as if you receive another Client’s translation). The only exceptions are allowed under the following conditions:
· If both the Client and the Company agree to it.
· If the information about the translation should be shared with official representatives of the Company.
· If official representatives of law request it for investigation purposes.

Changing the Terms of Use

As stated above, the Company can update or change its terms and conditions at any point in time. It is the responsibility of the Client to read this new information and take it into account before they consider placing an order. We are not liable for any misunderstandings occurring as the result of a failure to read the document.

Personal Information

When Clients send their information in order to place an order, the Company retains it for professional purposes. In particular, we collect data about first and last name, email, and phone number, as well as other generic aspects. It helps us provide the best kind of service to our customers and meet their needs by offering them only relevant options. We pass this information to our translators for the same goal. No other parties are eligible for accessing this data unless this occasion is presupposed by our Terms and Conditions.

Reviews and Their Posting

Every Client who received their translated project has a right to express their opinion about our Company on different online or non-online platforms. By doing this, you give TranslateHub a royalty-free right to use these reviews any time and in any way, we choose regardless of the region.
TranslateHub retains the right to use the Client’s logo or the logo of their company for advertising purposes. Note that your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone. We keep it strictly confidential.

Terminating Your Account and Loss of Privileges

A Client has the right to terminate their account with TranslateHub at any time they wish. However, it is important to remember that in this case, the Client still has to respect their obligations to the Company. They might also not receive a refund if they requested it and proceeded to delete their account. Let us know if you want to do this and we will start the termination process.
In a similar manner, the employees of TranslateHub can terminate the account of a Client at any point in case this Client broke the terms of the agreement. The same principle applies to translators who violated our rules.

Using Our Website

TranslateHub does not carry responsibility for the way in which you use our website. However, note that it is forbidden to share your account with someone else. When you create it and place an order with it, it is yours. No one else should access it.


TranslateHub is not responsible for any issues that might occur with the Client or their reputation on the basis of their original files. Our involvement ends at the quality and accuracy of translation: this is all we guarantee.

Spreading Incorrect or Misleading Information

Some areas of translation are more sensitive than others. They include medicine, finances, history, and several other spheres/ TranslateHub invests a lot of effort into maintaining a positive relationship with the community. For this reason, we cannot approve of projects that deliberately aim to mislead their target audience. We have a right to reject an order like this without providing details justifying our decision.

Addressing and Solving Disputes

If a Client receives an order and sees that something is wrong with it, they should warn TranslateHub in time. You can read about the exact terms during which revision or refund requests are accepted in the sections above. The team of a Company will start the analysis of this request within 5 business days, deciding on what part of the sum should be returned.
If the dispute continues, the Company and the Client have 30 days to try finding other ways to resolve it without involving any other parties. If after this term nothing happens and both parties remain dissatisfied, one of them can take the issue to the court.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure is a situation that the Company is incapable of addressing, facilitating, or mitigating. It includes significant local or global events like revolutions, strikes, electricity shortages, natural disasters, vandalism, accidents, new government initiatives, and other similar situations.
If one of such events takes place and the Company fails to meet its obligations to you, we are not responsible for the consequences. That is why situations like this are known as Force Majeure.
If the delay grows and starts to surpass four weeks, TranslateHub has the right to terminate the Contract in its entirety. The affected clients will be contacted and any details of the arrangements will be discussed.

Age-Related Policies

TranslateHub serves only those clients who are 18 years of age and older. If during the process of work we discover that a Client has lied to us and is in fact a minor, we will terminate their account as well as all information connected to it. 


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