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This isn’t the first time I’m working with your translators. I’m a fairly new developer, and your guys helped me enter the UAE market and make a place for myself there. Everything is brilliant, so thank you and hope for more discounts.

Fiona Linchin

Thank you for your fast work! English isn't my thing, I can’t check what you wrote alone, but my American partner had no questions. He said it’s great. All is well, and I will return after 2 weeks. Good legal help.

Jason Fletcher

It’s great to know that you value your customers. This was just my second order with you, and I was surprised at how welcome you made me feel. I already submitted my documents, so merci for assistance.

Julius P.
CAD operator

Professional Translation Services for Your Business and Personal Needs

The search for professional translation services is one of the most common online requests. People need them to communicate with their foreign business partners, keep up with correspondence, translate their projects for expanding their reach, and for many other reasons. In such cases, they constantly face one question: whom to trust

TranslateHub is an online translation agency with more than 5 years of professional experience. We have a documented history of making 20K+ clients happy with our services, and we support enough languages and industries to meet your needs. Our work is aimed not just at customers but also at translators because TranslateHub offers a variety of useful resources and tips. Here’s why you can trust us.

How Our Online Language Translation Services Work and Why People Need Them

People often need translation or localization service because they are trying to make their presence known in foreign markets. With the recent pandemic and lockdown, everyone started opening small online businesses or even simply making new international friends. Understanding what others say and what they mean can be two different things, so even if you can do the former, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to do the latter. Professional translation agency could take care of these problems by building a solid bridge between you and people who speak other languages. This is what any best company does when they get a new translation request:

  1. Analyzing the content. The first thing a professional translation company does is study the content of the order. It’s necessary because it gives us an idea of what volume of task we are facing, what sector it falls into, and what kind of translator we need/how many team members we should assemble. Success largely depends on a choice of an expert who’ll be translating your task, so we have to take every nuance into account.
  2. The work starts. The professional language translation services start. Our handpicked translators begin to work on the project, contacting their clients in case of any questions and consulting them when it comes to unclear or double-edged context. Everything is done with your specific wishes in mind, with no exceptions. Your translation will be unique, and it’ll meet every requirement you outlined.
  3. Stage of completion. When we complete the work, it is time to start finalizing it. Like every professional translation agency worth its salt, we edit and proofread the file before sending it to you. We won’t do it until we’re certain that everything is perfect, and naturally, we’ll make sure it happens before your set deadline.
  4. Your conclusion. Tell us what you think about your translated document. Is it good? Are you satisfied with it? If you have any additional questions or concerns, be sure to let us know. We strive for perfection, so we won’t dismiss anything you say — your comments help us provide an even better service.

Ways in Which Our Translation Service Provider Can Benefit You

Since TranslateHub website specializes in translation services for people all over the world, we worked hard on making our terms & conditions favorable toward clients. Yes, you will get the highest level of quality, but this isn’t everything. We offer many other benefits you’ll definitely appreciate. These are just some of them:

  • Affordable prices. Our professional translation service comes at affordable prices. On average, one translated word is worth $0.08. This isn’t the cheapest cost you could find in this market, but it is one of the most ideal ones. This way, you don’t overpay, but you also get help from professionals with years of translating experience. We also have 10% discounts: you can get them and make your price pleasantly lower.
  • Delivery always happens on time. All companies have some special features that make them stand out, and ours is guaranteed punctuality. We understand how important translations are for customers — sometimes the success of their entire project depends on it. Our managers calculate how much time translators are going to need, and taking your preferred deadline into account, we divide the volume of work accordingly. Thanks to such a thorough and methodical system, we are never late with our orders.
  • We maintain international certificates. Since we are a human translator service, we hire only top experts who can prove their experience and qualifications in a number of ways. Those of our employees who don’t have a certificate already undergo a professional certification process. They end up with ATA, NAJIT, ITIA, and other internationally recognized certificates, which help verify their skills on an official level.
  • Online support is there 24/7. We are online all the time. If you have an urgent small task or a question that you want to be answered right now, contact us and someone will reply to you. We achieve perfection with the help of our determination to always be there when you need us.
  • Simple order placement process. Wondering how to get professional translation online? With our professional service, it’s a piece of cake. Our order form is simple and intuitive; members of our team are always online to guide you if you need it. Be certain you choose correct details about your project. Upload important files, pick your languages & category, and check your price. If it pleases you, proceed. If it doesn’t, change some aspects until it looks fine.

What Our Fast Translation Services Are Based On

Accurate help and friendly atmosphere are two foundations of our company. We assemble teams on the basis of qualifications as well as how well specific people work together. There is always a project leader who makes certain that everyone is doing their job properly. We also utilize technologies that make the process of translation more synchronized — it comes cheaper for you. For instance, if there are any set phrases or definitions repeated in content, our system starts translating them automatically throughout the document. Such a coordinated approach brings mistakes and inconsistencies to a minimum.

Our Translators and Where They Live

Criteria for hiring experts for our translation service agency are strict. They are all native speakers of target languages, and they completed their degrees in relevant universities. We test their translation skills and bilingual qualities before we do the hiring; assess their documents and hold personal interviews. If we like the candidate and decide on hiring them, this isn’t the end: the monitoring continues up until we feel like this person won’t let us down.

Another thing is, our translators are always online. We have enough of them to assign them to your order no matter when you place it. Providing quality online human translation services is a challenge, and we meet it proudly. Contact us any time and we’ll help you with your project. If you need a translation in the sphere of engineering, then rest assured, we will find an engineering translator who understands the sector and will contribute in the best possible way. The same will happen for every other industry.

Safety of Services and Documents We Accept

Our professional online translation services are completely safe. Read our privacy policy to see all ways in which we guarantee protection of your data. Data is encrypted and shared only between participants who are working on a project directly. Nothing is ever shared with any other parties, and as an extra measure, info is encrypted.

We are capable of offering quick translation services in a variety of spheres. Common documents clients bring to us include articles on different topics, websites, legal papers, travel documents, software, and games, as well as books. We also cover application letters, safety & exploitation manuals, etc. Discuss these details with our customer support representatives and decide on a format. Our company supports many of them.

Certified Translations at Your Request

Very often, clients need certified translation because they plan on interacting with official governmental agencies. This could be a decision to move to another country, become an exchange student, marry a foreigner, go to court, sign an international contract, and so on. We have multiple certified experts, so they’ll easily fulfil your task.

Want Stellar Performance? Choose Our Service

Our service provides professional human translation for clients no matter where they live or what service they need. We have experts in different spheres; our prices are affordable and we guarantee confidentiality and efficiency. Drop us a word and we’ll get to work right away!

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    Legal Translation

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    Technical Translation


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