15 Best Free Language Learning Websites

As never before, learning languages has become extremely popular. In ancient times, it was a profession and necessity but now people can also do it for fun or as a hobby. The internet era has brought major advances in education. Nowadays to start speaking a new tongue, one does not need to study with a teacher face-to-face as there are dozens of free language learning courses online. They are extremely convenient and time-saving so with enough diligence, one can achieve great results.

Benefits of Taking Language Online Course

Many life circumstances might prevent us from learning new language postponing it for better times. However, online education may eliminate most of them. The only prerequisite here is motivation and genuine interest. The rest could easily be learned with help of free language learning websites and apps. Here are some of their benefits.


When studying online, you do not depend on anything or anyone. It’s easier to set your own goals and deadlines that are realistic for your schedule. If needed, one may take a short break or get back to previous lessons if necessary. In-class learning, especially in groups, does not give one such an opportunity as one has to keep up with other students and follow specific programs sacrificing personal needs.


Among the best things about learning online is that on specialized websites language can be studied without leaving house or even without leaving one’s bed. It is not only convenient but also time-saving as one does not have to get dressed, pack books, pencils, and then drive a car for another half an hour for classes. Some others would also need to find babysitter or each time ask a boss to leave earlier. Instead, this time could be spent on actual studying.

Visual Support

Most information is perceived by our eyes. Although traditional education starts to integrate multimedia elements in lessons, the prevalent source of information in lingo learning is still speech of a teacher. In this respect, language learning websites are much more progressive. Majority of information is provided in video or interactive format which allows focusing on learning better. Also, it allows acquiring more knowledge with the help of an increased number of visual support.

Customizable Learning Tools

There are different types of learners. Some of them memorize easier utilizing visual materials, others with interaction with peers or audio materials. If person is not sure what studying methods work best for him or her, it is possible to take a few free language lessons and determine it. This would allow choosing the program and resources that are the most suitable and effective to learn new lingo fast.


Private lessons and in-class lessons may vary in price significantly. Most of them are rather expensive and might not be available in any city. What is also important, is that paying for foreign dialect learning course does not guarantee any results so that it is possible that this money would be spent in vain. But the internet provides great variety of learning opportunities that are not expensive. There are hundreds of free online language courses that are effective and popular. It is also possible to find native speaker online who would be glad to teach you in return for a guitar or Photoshop lesson from you.

15 Free Language Learning Platforms

There are many educational resources online for learning foreign tongue. However, not all of them are equally effective and professionally designed, and sometimes it is rather challenging to find a worthy one. Here is the list of good free language learning software and websites that would help anyone to become a real polyglot. 

  1. Surface Languages
    If you feel that you would like to start learning a foreign tongue but are not sure about which one to choose, this website would be a good starting point. Here you’ll find an overview of over 80 languages, learn some basic words, phrases, and discover some knowledge about it. It also contains some theoretical knowledge about highlighting notions of language family, artificial llingos and also contains links to readings.
  2. Open Culture
    It is big platform for education in various fields. Open Culture is the best free language learning sites containing lots of media materials, including movies, translated literature pieces, audiobooks, quizzes, lectures, etc. There are many studying programs and MOOCs from renowned universities.
  3. Internet Polyglot
    What is great about this resource is that it provides learning opportunities for bilingual or multilingual students. It means that if apart from a mother tongue you already have learned one more, start a course in your second lingo. In this way, you may strengthen its knowledge and learn more interesting information about it. In total, website offers courses in 36 dialects, so there are plenty of tongue pairs to choose from.
  4. Live Lingua
    If you are looking for some materials to study a new tongue, it is best language learning websites with thousands of resources in over 130 languages. With LiveLingua one can study or strengthen knowledge, otherwise taught only in paid courses. What is more, their website is well-designed, user-friendly, which makes educational process even more engaging.
  5. Mango Languages
    Although this app is paid on subscription basis, it is here on list because of a free trial. This mobile app offers programs in more than 70 languages and is rated 4.8 stars by users. Many find it a very convenient way to study both at home or while traveling. This would also be a good option for those who would like to refresh the memory of a tongue studied previously.
  6. Innovative Language
    This project was launched over 10 years ago and has been widely used by students as well as educators all over the world. It is often considered as the best free online language courses available on the web. With their engaging videos and interactive tasks, one can master the desired dialect fast and effectively.
  7. Livemocha
    Like Internet Polyglot this resource offers programs in different language pairs. In total, they have 17 lingo pairs of popular world dialects including Spanish, English, Korean, Russian, or others. Their programs contain many audio exercises so that from their very first lesson student is already invited to start speaking.
  8. EdX
    This is biggest MOOCs on the web with lots of different courses provided by universities. EdX is also one of the great language learning sites available absolutely for free. Apart from the tongue, here can also learn a lot about the culture of its speakers that can help to get some valuable insights.
  9. Busuu
    If you would like to study primarily with the help of a mobile app, it is one of the good options to consider. Busuu offers programs in 17 languages full of different interactive tasks. Their programs are designed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference ensuring a professional level of course design.
  10. Duolingo
    It is probably most popular mobile app for learning new language. It is gamified and fun. However, the tasks are not much varied and it is not one of the best online language learning sites to study. But it can be very helpful to memorize new words in the mobile app, especially when having a spare minute. Instead of looking through Instagram posts, with Duolingo, one can dedicate some time to learning new dialect while waiting for their latte or during an Uber ride.
  11. Learn a Language
    This website provides educational resources for free in more than 18 languages. For some of them, they provide only some topics and resources such as common words and phrases while for others such as Japanese or Russian they offer full courses. All of the materials and access to the study programs are totally free.
  12. Coursera
    Being the most popular educational websites on the internet, Coursera offers a lot of different programs in foreign tongue. Most courses here are free of charge without a certificate. But if you would like to have, the prices are not much high.
  13. Transparent Language
    This service provides a lot of educational resources in a great variety of language pairs. Carefully designed teaching methods make their programs suit the individual needs and preferences of every learner. Apart from programs they also offer online tutoring to maximize the effectiveness of the studying process.
  14. The Polyglot Club
    Great obstacle in learning foreign dialect is lack of practice of live communication with native speakers. The Polyglot Club is among multi language websites where people from different parts of the world can connect and facilitate their learning process. Also, interaction with native speakers helps to boost confidence and motivation.
  15. Memrise
    The key feature of this online educational resource is the teaching method of acquiring a language in a natural way. This service aims to reduce any bookish things in learning in order to stick to the essentials needed for studying a new tongue. Memrise offers programs for a total of 22 languages.

You’ve Got This

Studying can be fun as well as productive if person chooses right tools and materials. We hope that this list will help you to make a decision and choose best course or program. Check our website for more useful resources about foreign languages, translation jobs, interpreting opportunities, fun fact and tips about translation industry and linguistics. 

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