Privacy Policy

TranslateHub applies a lot of efforts to protect the data and privacy of our clients. When you visit our website, we automatically collect some of your info, and as you place an order, we request several additional details. If you want to know what they are and how we are going to use them, be sure you read this policy till the end. In case you still have questions about your confidentiality, let us know. Contact one of our customer support team members, and they’ll give you a swift reply.

What Information Our Website Collects

When people visit our website, our team gathers two types of data. Here they are; read everything below attentively to know what you’re agreeing to.
1. Anonymous data. We collect info on how many people are using our website, what pages they visit, how often they do it, and at what point of the day it happens. We also look at which browsers these visitors use and how long they stay on each page. There is nothing personal about this data collection process: we create statistics on its basis to see what pages are most popular and where we need improvements.
2. Personal data. When our visitors contact us or choose to subscribe to our updates, they provide an email at the least and email + their first name at most. All this information is confidential and not shared with anyone who is not a part of our company.
In case you decide to order a translation from us, we will have to gather more personal data. This is what it’s going to include:
· Your full name.
· Your address & email.
· Your cell number so that we could contact you.
· Name of your company and its address if you’re working on its behalf.

How We Protect Your Data

TranslateHub uses standard protection methods for keeping your data secure. These are the exact same filters that other websites typically apply when you visit them. Sensitive data is encrypted and kept safe: it is for the usage of our top managers only.
In turn, they use this information to provide you with a better and more personalized kind of service. It means that if, for example, you are interested in localization, you won’t be bombarded with unrelated news or articles. Note that if you don’t want to keep getting our newsletters, you can always cancel the subscription. In this case, we will still retain your data out of the possibility that you might come back to use our services again.
If clients don’t want us to hold onto any parts of their data, we offer a solution. Place your request to our customer support team and explain that you want to leave our platform entirely, leaving nothing behind. We will delete all the data connected with you and your account from the system.

Selling or Spreading Your Personal Information

TranslateHub has never and will never sell or lease your data out. We keep it safe and we are the only ones who have access to it. It is used strictly for professional purposes and for making your client experience better.
We won’t ask you for personal data unless you choose to contact us and share this data yourself. Even in those instances, we will only ask for email and your name. More personal data is collected during the order placement process, but in both cases, it stays safe. No one is going to sell or endanger it in any way.

Security of Your Financial Information

When clients order translation from our company, they have to share their financial information during the payment process. This process is typical: it involves the usual data from your credit or debit card. TranslateHub also offers the option of purchasing our services via PayPal — it’s a common choice for many customers.
None of this info actually makes its way to our website. It is fully protected and an SSL-certified neutral processor handles the payment process, just like it happens on other platforms where you make a purchase.
In case you are ready to start a long-term cooperation with us, you will have the option of setting up a personal credit account. However, all your info will still go to the third-party neutral processor, not to us personally, so you don’t have to worry about your safety.
There haven’t been any incidents with our clients’ data being compromised in any way to date.

Verifying Your Identity

Sometimes your transaction may concern a bank, and they will ask us to verify some details related to the payer. In this case, we will quickly contact you and forward you the bank’s request. From our experience, this matter is usually resolved through photo identification. You will have an option between attaching it through email, sending it through fax, or using a regular screenshot.


As you likely know, cookies are elements of data about what websites you visited. They arrive straight to your hard drive. TranslateHub doesn’t use cookies to get info about you, so you’re safe in this regard. You can also choose not to set up cookie exchanges at all, but then you might not get an optimal client experience. For example, you might not be able to access some pages easily.

TranslateHub uses cookies only for studying the statistics of visitors and making our website better.

Links to Third Party Websites

When browsing TranslateHub, you might see hyperlinks that lead to outside platforms. That’s not by accident, and you can rest assured that those links are safe. We include some material that we think you might find useful — whether you read it or not is up to you.

At the same time, you have to remember that by leaving TranslateHub and following the link to another website, our Privacy Policy stops working. You should check what safety policies that other platforms have by yourself.

Recording Calls

TranslateHub has a phone number that our clients could use to reach us. If this is the case with you, know that all calls like this are recorded. We use them for improving the quality of our service and providing our staff with extra training. In particular, we need them to:
· To see how our operators are handling clients’ requests.
· To investigate problematic cases.
· To establish and hinder instances of fraud.
· To make certain our employees feel safe psychologically and physically.

Our IT department keeps these calls protected. Only top managers can ask for a copy.

Changes in Our Privacy Policies

Laws regulating the confidentiality of people’s online data keep changing, so in order to meet their evolving requirements, we shift our policies accordingly. In case this happens, we are going to announce these changes. However, it’s up to you to review them and decide whether you accept them.

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