Cookie Policy

The team of TranslateHub decided to work on this policy page to make certain that our visitors understand what kind of Cookies and other data collection techniques we use. All of them follow one goal: to make your experience on our platform more customized and positive. If you want to find out more details, read this Cookie Policy and let it address your questions.

What Cookies and Similar Technologies Do

Like we said, the idea behind using Cookies is simple: we strive to make our performance better and share only relevant information with you. As an example, if you come from Spain and your target language is English, we won’t be offering you Russian or German services.
There are two types of Cookies themselves. From your end, they are related to your browser, and they appear as soon as you access our website. You can delete them later by clearing your search history. Some cookies are indefinite, and that’s the ones we use from our end. They remember crucial data about you, so when you return, they help us see what you’d be interested in. This improves your client experience.

If you aren’t comfortable with these facts, you are free to disable cookies or set your specific preferences any time you’d like. But note that this could have a negative effect on your experience with TranslateHub since some links might work improperly or not at all.

Your Data Are Safe with Us

If you are worried about someone using your cookies, don’t be. We protect your data and don’t let any third parties use it for purposes unrelated to our website.

Our Service Providers

Apart from having the core TranslateHub team of employees, we also cooperate with different third parties. They help us provide the best kind of customer service, launch our update mailing lists, and so on. Since they are affiliated with our company, they can also send cookies to collect some impersonal info about you, such as about your IP address and the type of your device. At the same time, they are also bound by our Cookie policies, so you’re still safe.

Cookies and Other Concepts: Giving Definition

Let’s tackle the most common concepts you might not know how to define.

Cookies are tiny text-based files that enter the memory of the device you’re using when browsing sites online. They help these sites remember what kind of settings you prefer. Cookies themselves can be divided into several types:
· Persistent Cookies stay in the memory of your device even after you end your online session. They memorize how you were using a platform and in what way.
· Session Cookies mean just that: they stay on your device during your online visit and disappear right after that. Their goal lies in helping you experience a website in the most positive way. That’s why you’ll get workable links, quick downloads, etc.
· First-Party Cookies come from the owners of a platform you’re visiting and from you: it’s an exchange.
· Third-Party Cookies are those files that come from third parties that the website’s owners approved of.
Web Beacons, unlike Cookies, are tiny graphic images that comprise a part of a website. They assist in determining who’s a returning customer, who’s here for the first time, and what pages these people are interested in.
Other standard technologies are what all browsers have. We aren’t the ones using them, so we do not collect your info with their help.

Using Cookies and Related Technologies: More Details

Like we’ve already mentioned, Cookies and other similar things help us provide you with top customer experience. They allow all links to work properly and let us offer you only the type of ads you’d be interested in. In particular, this is why we use them:
1. They are essential. The demand for the usage of many of these technologies comes from our site itself. It’s a technical requirement: following it allows our visitors to access our services and makes their experience rich and safe. For instance, in case an abnormal activity is noticed, it usually means fraud, and we are immediately notified — the system takes immediate safety measures. Cookies also help you add services to your cart, browse a site, and then access this cart, with all your choices staying saved. They are responsible for your order history too, which is very convenient.
2. They help make performance better. To provide the best kind of service, we need to analyze how our website behaves and what our users like most. If many spend just two seconds on one page, then something might be wrong with it. Analytics is helpful in achieving top-quality results.
3. They improve your experience. No one wants to get annoying ads. Cookies and similar technologies help remember our clients’ preferences and make the best suggestions on the basis of their past behavior. This concerns both first-party and third-party cookies.
Note: TranslateHub doesn’t take any of your data without your permission. The info about everything we collect, the way we do it, and the reasons for why we do it are presented on our platform for all visitors to see. You can withdraw your agreement to let us use your data any time, but in this case, some options on our website might become unavailable to you.

More Info on the Ways Affiliated Third Parties Use Cookies (and Related Technologies)

There are some official third parties that have a right to use cookies and web beacons on our platform. They help make TranslateHub more efficient and please our customers by giving them what they’re looking for.

Some of these people are tasked with doing some statistical analysis. They monitor and get impersonal info about our visitors, such as how they use TranslateHub, what they appear to like and dislike, etc. After that, they share this info with us, and we take measures to make our performance better. Remember that all third parties who are allowed to do these things sign privacy agreements. Our policies and common confidentiality laws forbid them to use any info they collect for their own purposes.

If you see ads from third parties on our website, note that they cannot gather any personal info as long as you stay on our platform. If you choose to follow one of the links and leave TranslateHub, our protection will not extend there, so you’ll have to study the safety info on those sites separately.


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